PGR'S Mixture


Effects: it can not only control the flourishing of crops and prevent lodging, but also promote the expansion of fruits and increase the yield. At the same time, it also can inhibit the growth of nutrients and promote reproductive growth.

1. NAA-Na + Sodium nitrophenolate

Mixture formulation of NAA-Na and sodium nitrophenolate (3:1) can strengthen the rooting speed of crops, enhance the nutrient absorption function of crops, increase the number of roots of crops, and make crops grow faster.It also can make And the stems of crops also can become thicker and stronger, and enhance the ability to resist lodging and disease resistance.

2.NAA-Na + IBA

The formula is widely used in plants such as flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, seedlings, etc. The liquid can be absorbed by seeds, leaves and roots, which not only stimulates the division and growth of root cells, but also allows the lateral roots of the crop to grow faster and more. The ability of crops to absorb water and fertilizer will be enhanced, which make crops more robust. In addition, the formula has a significant effect on cutting rooting, especially for fruit tree seedlings with difficult, which can make branches take root quickly, thereby increasing the survival rate of cuttings.

3.Ethephon + DA-6 /  Sodium nitrophenolate

Ethephon is commonly used on corn。 Although ethephon alone can make corn reach the effects of dwarfed plants, robust plants, developed roots and fatty green leaves, it is easy to cause premature aging of plants。 If ethephon and DA-6 or sodium nitrophenolate are used in combination with corn, not only can the original control effect of ethephon be exerted, but also the effect of dwarf plant is more significant than that of ethephon alone。 It can also play a role in preventing premature aging and increasing yield。

4. Gibberellic acid + sodium nitrophenolate

Both gibberellic acid and sodium nitrophenolate are fast-acting plant growth regulators. The combination of the two can not only increase the effect, but also sodium nitrophenolate can solve the phytotoxic hazard caused by the excessive use of gibberellic acid. It can increase production and quality and prevent gibberellic acid damage.

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