13 new national high-tech enterprises are added in Yongchuan District

更新日期:2018-03-17 14:06:11

In recent years, Yongchuan district has adhered to the "industrial strong zone and industrial Xingcheng" as the main line. We have made two articles in the parks and urban areas, and implemented the strategy of innovation driving around the six major industrial clusters, and achieved gratifying achievements. April 29th morning, Yongchuan district held a national high-tech enterprise award ceremony, Chongqing Winokur intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd, Chongqing Shuangfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Feida Machinery Co., Ltd. 13 new year 2015 recognized by the national high-tech enterprise award, and in accordance with the "Yongchuan District of Chongqing City People's Government on promoting the innovation of financial policy the steady growth of the industrial economy" (Yongchuan government [2015]20) spirit of the document, Yongchuan District special funds given a reward of 13 high-tech enterprises in the year 2015 new finds. Vice mayor Yu Guodong attended the meeting and award for enterprise. At the meeting, Yu Guodong pointed out that in recent years, Yongchuan district has adhered to the "industrial strong zone and industrial Xingcheng" as the main line, and has completed two articles in the park and urban area, and achieved great success in implementing the innovation driven strategy around the six industrial clusters. Next, we hope that more enterprises will fully realize the importance of declaring national high-tech enterprises, increase investment in hi tech research and development, and actively declare the national high-tech enterprises to promote the establishment of Yongchuan national high-tech zones. It is understood that, in accordance with the "national high-tech enterprise management approach", which meet the incorporation of more than one year, to grasp their own products and core technologies of intellectual property rights, engaged in research and development and related technical innovation personnel accounted for the total staff in the year of not less than 10%, not less than 60% of high-tech products accounted for total revenue over the same period, and the innovation ability evaluation meet the corresponding requirements the conditions of enterprises may apply for the national high-tech enterprises identified. For the national high-tech enterprises successfully identified, Yongchuan district will give some support to policies or funds to encourage more enterprises to increase investment in technological innovation, and take the road of new technology, industrialization and cluster development.

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