Pesticide dosage form, one hand!

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Suspension agent (SC) It refers to the preparation of the solid pesticide, which is evenly dispersed in the water by the particles under 4 microns. The international code is SC. (1) without dust hazards, safety to operators and environment; 2. With water as a dispersive medium, there is no problem of flammability and drug damage produced by organic solvents. 3. Compared with the wettable powder, the original drug with different particle sizes is allowed to make the biological and physical stability of the preparation best. (4) the liquid suspension agent is diffused well in water and can be directly made into spray liquid. The volume is small, and the packing volume is small. Dispersion and spread are better, the suspension, suspension rate, strong adhesion on the surface of the plant body, rain erosion resistance, and strength than WP is significant and lasting; Sadly, with small particles, high surface activity, strong penetration, dispensing with no dust, low cost and high efficiency characteristics; and has advantages of wettable powder and emulsion, can be wetted by water, diluted with water good suspension. Milk oil (EC) It is a kind of pesticide preparation, it is the liquid which dissolves the high concentration of the effective component in the solvent and adds the emulsifier. When a large amount of water is usually diluted into a stable emulsion, it is dispersed with a spray device. Low volume spray and ultra low spray have also been carried out recently. Most of the emulsifiers are mixtures of nonionic and anionic surfactants. Most of the solvents are petroleum solvents such as xylene and methylnaphthalene. Besides, methyl isobutyl ketone and isopropanol are used as solvents. Organic solvent in emulsion, the apple and pear fruit has a stimulating effect, can make the fruit surface lenticels increased, decreased fruit surface smoothness, try not to use recommendations before bagging, especially some sensitive species and varieties. It has high efficacy, convenient application and stable properties. Because of its long history and mature processing technology, it is a major form of pesticide in China and Southeast Asia. Microemulsion (ME) The dosage form is composed of liquid pesticide, surfactant, water, stabilizer and so on. It belongs to the dispersive system of thermodynamics and stable time. It uses water as the medium, containing no or less organic solvent, thus not burning, production operation, safe storage and transportation, less environmental pollution, save a large amount of organic solvent; a high degree of dispersion of the micro level of pesticides, pesticide particles, generally 0.1 to 0.01 micron, similar to the appearance of transparent or transparent liquid; good dispersion in water, the target of strong permeability, good adhesion. Water emulsion (EW) It is a liquid or a milky milk - like liquid, which is a liquid or a liquid pesticide which is mixed with a liquid or a solvent, which is dispersed in the water with a small 0.5-1.5 micron droplet. This preparation does not contain organic solvents, is not flammable, has good safety, and has no toxic, irritation and toxicity caused by organic solvents. A concentrated emulsion is a liquid or liquid pesticide mixed with a solvent, which is dispersed in water with water as a medium. (EC, microemulsion, emulsion difference: the macro level, qualified pesticide missible oil, microemulsion, aqueous emulsion, if the content is the same, when using the same dilution, the effect difference. From the micro perspective, because the effective component particles in microemulsion in water is minimum, and the emulsifier content is much higher than that of water emulsion and emulsion, the effect is generally good; EC contains large amounts of organic solvents, often have a synergistic effect on the effect of the effective components. The content of the solvent and emulsifier in the water emulsion is very low, and the use effect is equal to that of the milk oil. Emulsifiable concentrate contains a large number of organic solvents, which often aggravates the harm of young flowers and fruits. Microemulsion and water emulsion contain a lot of water, and the harm to plants is often lighter than that of the same effective components. So microemulsion, water emulsion and emulsion have their advantages, and they should be chosen in use. Milk oil, which contains a large amount of organic solvents, pollutes the environment, and now China restricts the registration of the milk. Microemulsions, which are mainly used as water, are environmentally friendly than emulsifiable concentrate. However, there is still controversy about whether a large number of surfactants need to be used and whether they belong to environmental pesticide formulations. Water emulsion, the organic solvent and surface active agent used in the formula are less than the emulsion and microemulsion, so it is called the environmental pesticide formulation. Wettable powder WP (Wettable Powder) Definition: a powdery preparation that can be dispersed in water to form a stable suspension. 1, insoluble in water, can be processed into WP, such as the need for high concentration or spray use, generally processed into WP; 2, strong adhesion, less drift, light pollution to the environment; 3, without organic solvent, good environmental compatibility, easy to store and transport. 4, the cost of production is low, and the production technology and equipment are mature. 5, the content of the effective component is higher than that of the powder, and there is a certain amount of dust pollution in the processing. 6. It is the basis for the development of new dosage forms. SC, WDG, EP, EG, WT and so on. Water dispersible granule (WDG) is also known as dry suspension agent It is a new pesticide formulation and preparation technology developed in 1980s. It is a kind of solid preparation which can be dispersed in water. At the Sixth International Conference on Pesticide Chemistry in 1986, it was considered as an ideal pesticide formulation with both advantages of granulating agents and high dispersity of suspensions. It will be an important trend of pesticide formulation processing. 1, it is a wettable powder or suspension agent to be regranulated into a water dispersible granule.

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