Methods for increasing germination rate of pepper seeds

更新日期:2018-03-17 14:10:52

Capsicum is a one year or Limited perennial herb. The fruit is usually conical or oblong, which is green when immature and becomes bright red, green or purple after maturity, which is the most common in red. The planting of chili pepper, the germination rate of pepper seed is the concern of the growers. The following methods are introduced to improve the germination rate of chili seeds. (1) perm seed after seed soaking first The farmers are put pepper seeds with hot water disinfection after soaking, according to many tests, by dipping the good seed after disinfection as well as hot, dry seed direct hot sterilization treatment, so that a small amount of seed and seed vigor by Chen small, easily killed in violent under high temperature. Lose germinating ability first can make this part of seeds increased resistance because the first in the membership and expansion, so as to improve the germination rate. (2) water consumption of seed soaking To soaked seed, do not add water too much, so as not to dilute the nutrients inside the seed and affect the germination rate. (3) the temperature of soaking water In order to increase the germination rate, the temperature of water kept at about 30 degrees C, so that the seed could quickly enter the temperature stage with the growth vigor and enhance the seed germination. In order to keep the water temperature, it can be soaked in the warm box or in the quilt. (4) seed soaking time According to many experiments, it is found that the long time of seed soaking is prolonged, and the sprout growth is not good, the emergence rate is low and the disease resistance is poor at the seedling stage. If the water temperature can be maintained at 30 degrees C, the seed soaking time is 2 to 4 hours (H) best. (5) seed disinfection In order to make the seed of chili pepper more sprout, as long as the soil is sterilized well and the hot water is sterilized at high temperature, it can not be treated with medicine. However, 600 times the spray of chlorothalonil or 400 times the copper ammonium mixture to prevent seedling disease. In order to stimulate the seed germination of chili pepper, 200 times the liquid of cytokinin can be used to soak the seed. (6) hot hot seed Hot water is high temperature thermal water use, killing the seed surface and lurking in the seeds to bacteria, but also break the seed dormancy and increase a necessary means of seed vigor, a hot when the water temperature should be strictly controlled at 55-58 DEG C, the time should be continued for 20 minutes, so it can not only kill the germs and not damage seeds objective. In order to keep the water temperature, when the water temperature is low, add hot water to keep the water temperature. To keep the seeds evenly heated, the seeds are constantly stirred. If the seed quantity is small, the hot seed can be carried out in the warm water bottle. Put the hot good seeds with water rinse and dry moisture, can germination. (7) germination method Good seed soaked cloth wrapped up, put in 30 degrees around the place can use electric energy to accelerate germination. If the seed is less available, cloth, into a clean plastic bag, a post body shirt, the use of human body temperature germination, germination of seeds will often turn, every day with warm water immersion, water and dry wash after germination. According to the above method, the bud can be out in 2 days, and the effect is very good. (8) fine whole bed In order to ensure the germination of the seeds on the seedbed, it is necessary to finish the seedbed. Nutrient soil backfill shall promptly fill in the furrow, reach the field Pingtu broken, slightly high ridge, ridge middle formation, can not appear uneven, beans large soil particles. At the same time before sowing enough moisture to dry for natural water. The above is the way to improve the germination rate of chili seeds, hoping to bring help to all of you, so that you can lead the chillies far ahead.

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