How to prevent the drug damage of glyphosate

更新日期:2018-03-17 14:12:32

Glyphosate herbicide is a commonly used pesticide in agricultural production. It is also the most easily occurring phytotoxicity in herbicide products. So how can it prevent the occurrence of phytotoxicity in the process of using herbicide? Methods 1. Using protective cover, it is easy to prevent the spraying of glyphosate on the crop when it is not careful. The protective cover can be purchased by the pesticide agency and can also be made into a funnel - shaped head with a drink bottle, such as a Coca-Cola bottle (large). \ Two, with the film about 15 meters long along the ridge ridge edge, feet cover the seedlings after spraying glyphosate in a spraying cover, a. \ Method three. Do not spray when there is a wind, so as to prevent the medicine from being blown to the surrounding crops by the wind. \ Method four, after spraying glyphosate (including all herbicides), we must clean the sprayer and other appliances, so as not to cause pesticide damage when the other chemicals are not thoroughly cleaned.

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